Hi Everyone

Many people have asked me for a copy of the poem that I read at the conference about my daughter when she was sixteen. Here it is.


I push and you resist
I drag and you pull back
I scold and you lose heart
I nag and you keep silent
I demand and you ignore
I am distracted and you seize the opportunity
To escape until I have forgotten
Why I was anxious about what it is
That you have failed to do.

I remember now.
You have forgotten to be perfect.
May you never remember!

I let go and you come around for a visit.
I retreat and you seek me out
To share the triumphs and outrageous fortune of your day

I share and you listen politely, if briefly
Ever cautions in case a lecture lies in wait.
I smile and you hug me and I try not to check you over to see if you washed behind your ears.

You see through me though
But somehow we avoid a battle
Content to retreat to bed and so
Avoid another skirmish in the war to grow up.

I must let go more often
But oh, it is like a little death,
This transition.
I know not what lies ahead.
Walk with me
There is safety in numbers.

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Is Your Child  Spoiled?

My daughter Sara is 22 years old. She has blue eyes and loves Anime. She also has Down syndrome. Sara’s birthday is the most important day in the whole year.  Nothing makes her face light up quite like a chat about what she wants to do to celebrate her birthday. She delights in planning every detail and invites the most casual of strangers to her party. There is no greater punishment that she can think of than to announce that someone is NOT coming to her party.

Unfortunately, it would not be unusual for Sara to